We've been helping people navigate deregulated energy markets since 2009. MI Energy Ratings is a service that's dedicated to helping the consumer. We understand that it can be difficult to navigate the deregulated energy market. So, we're here to assist you, and help you find more info on what's out there.

Here are some of the reasons you should use MI Energy Ratings:

Save Time

The number one reason you should use this services is to compare energy providers in the area. We take a look at all the natural gas rates in MI and find the best ones on offer. It's the best way of looking at all the suppliers out there. You have all of them in one place, and it's simple to compare each one. By comparing providers, we also save you a lot of time and effort. Too many people stick with the same energy provider for decades. This is largely because they don't have the time to research every other provider. We take the effort out of your hands and compare providers in minutes. You can easily find a new plan that suits you, in less than half an hour.

Lower Monthly Bills

High monthly bills are a massive problem for most people in Michigan. Excessive natural gas usage could cause you to incur extra charges on your current plan. This may make it harder for you to pay all of your bills on time. Consequently, you miss payments and end up in a debt cycles. All of this can be avoided if you use Michigan. We've had customers state ‘I want to lower my electric bill’ when they come to us. We show you how much you can save each month if you make the switch to a better provider. Compare providers and find the best offer, with the most savings. Now, you have a more manageable gas bill, and will save money each month.

See Customer Reviews

You also get to see lots of customer reviews for various energy providers. This is an essential part of choosing a new provider. We bring all the reviews into one place, meaning you don't have to go looking all over the internet. By seeing what other customers, you get a clearer picture of what an energy provider is like. As a consumer, you benefit a lot from using MI Energy Ratings. Let our service help you in your quest for affordable energy.

Understand Valuable Information

We're much more than a standard price comparison website. We also strive to make the energy market as understandable as possible for you. You can read through our resources and look at some of the frequently asked questions. We provide information to help consumers make more sense out of everything. Our services can help you understand the different energy plans on offer, as well as helping you with certain keywords and phrases. We even go as far as to help you understand your energy bill in more detail. The benefit of all this is that you learn new information. As a result, you can approach the energy market with more confidence and understanding. By doing this, you can make educated decisions that help improve your life.